Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ch#6 - Wings

Winners for Ch#5 - Distressing  winners post

Welcome to Ch #6 WINGS
A favourite challenge theme with so many possibilities.  We hope you will have lots of fun with this one and so look forward to seeing your creations :) 

DT's inspirational creations

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ch #5 - Distressing

Winners for Ch#4  winners post

Welcome to Ch #5 DISTRESSING
Don't get distressed with distressing hahahaha.  We know some of you find this challenge hard, it is difficult to rip paper and have unfinished edges etc. especially if you are a clean 'end result' crafter but after all this is a challenge and a challenge often puts one out of their comfort zone.  Just remember to have lots of fun :) :)  

DT's inspirational creations

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ch#4 - Embossing

Winners for Ch#3  winners post

Welcome to Ch #4 EMBOSSING
I think we all love embossing in one form or another, it adds such lovely texture and dimension to our creations.  What is your favourite type of embossing, is it using embossing folders or using embossing powders?  We would love you to join in our wee challenge so we can see how you add embossing to your artwork :)  

DT's inspirational creations

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ch#3 - Fancy Borders

Winner for Ch#2  winners post

Welcome to Ch #3 Fancy Borders
Fancy borders come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and ideas as the DT have demonstrated.  From using beautiful die cuts, adding fancy paper borders, using glitter, the ideas are endless.  We would love to see how you add fancy borders to your creative artwork.

DT's inspirational creations

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ch#2 - Recycling

Winner for CH#1 will be published on Sunday, 26th - winners post

Welcome to Ch #2 Recycling
Ever see something, a toilet roll holder, a card given to you, fancy packaging, bows off gifts etc. and say to yourself "I am going to keep that and make something with it", well now is your change to rake out those items you saved and then forgot about :) : ) Come along and join us in our Recycling challenge.

DT's inspirational creations

recycled toilet roll

will be joining us soon :)

mixed media using recycled items for the embellishments

recycled sardine tin

recycled bread bag tag

recycled Christmas card

recycled coffee tin


recycled biscuit tin

Sue P
recycled Christmas card

recycled Christmas card